If our competition is reading our website, WOW, we must have kicked your ass. pvpMy goals for this expansion are to be a truly successful hybrid guild, pushing our limits based on the talent pool of players that show up to raids or rated battlegrounds. In the opening weeks of Legion, I will be leading 5-person parties as much as possible in order to help players increase their Artifact Power, which also will give an edge to players who commit to being hybrid players: namely you show up consistently on Saturday Nights for PVE and Sunday/Monday Nights [ proposed ] for PVP.

Initial thoughts on PVP in the new expansion (no, I am not playing in Alpha or Beta, but reading coverage):

  • Voice: A decent microphone is required, as is push-to-talk and the Battleground Targets addon.. We will be using Curse so please create an account with your main’s name.
  • Demon Hunters will be broken. That means, we should be playing / countering this class as a priority.
  • Like recent seasons, our DPS performance is critical.
  • Openers and other strategic concepts for each batteground will be posted here.
  • Melee will be king, unlike we have seen since DK’s were released.

The most powerful team comp is 10 players of any class who are in sync and following fundamentals!

If there is one critical skill that I want my team members to learn and develop, it is CONSTANT MOVEMENT.  Battles are sprints, not a jog. You should always be thinking about moving to your next optimal position on the battlefield and using your movement spells on cooldown.

For PVP advice, please do pester Altus. (Altsuknave, Ivabigone, Skidmarhk), who is Guild Champion, our highest rated player. Morkeleb is a brilliant strategist and General.  Ghrax (Slayercow, Cowdeath, Pallytrain) does a ton of research on top streamer’s insights and class interaction. Many other players have in-depth knowledge and I encourage you to work together.

If anyone has seen Nightside, Kintok, Puppies, any of our great legends (and friends) of old, please send word.  We need you!

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  • June 21, 2016 at 1:31 pm Reply
    To be transparent, our order of invite will be A) Composition B) Player Rating C) Player Gear / Abilities. We presume each person who wants to be on the Black Omen Rated Battleground team knows we are dedicated players who hold each other to high standards of effort. We are also have quite a bit of fun wrecking the Alliance and hanging out, the purpose of this activity in our lives..

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