PVE/PVP hybrid guild on Shadow Council / Blackwater Raiders.  World PVP and Roleplaying are encouraged.

Circles are bad. Trust us.

General Rules:

  1. Respect is honor.
  2. Have a sense of humor.
  3. We are nerds playing a game, not people debating negative shit.
  4. No racism, sexism, bullying, etc.
  5. If you have any issues with another player, take it up directly with Suul or an Officer. We will respect your privacy.


Black Omen, one of the first guilds of Shadow Council, was initially most well known for the warrior Nightside, who was the server’s first High Warlord.  Black Omen is a rogue away from the Guild High Warlord achievement due to our early members’ dominance on the battlefield.

Our reign of dominance as a team burned a dark scar on the Alliance.

Many achievements and legends have been made here, including significant boss kills and PVP moments.

Today, Black Omen is led by Mosdead, a renowned PVPer who has achieved 2k+ rating on almost every class.


Black Omen during Lich King:



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